User Experience Design (UX)

Our user-centred design approach uses a suite of UX tools and services to help our clients grow their business with customer centred digital products.


  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Profiles & Goals
  • User Journeys
  • Information Architecture


  • Content & User flow Prototyping
  • UI Design
  • Visual Design
  • Responsive Development


  • Site Metrics
  • User Testing
  • Browser Testing
  • Social Media Tracking


We seek to understand your business and target users to identify their needs and characteristics through a combination of User Profiling and analytics data.

Knowing who your users are and what they want is the first, vital step in meeting their needs.

User Profiles & Goals

User profiles are used to help understand your target users and identify their needs and characteristics such as their internet skills, experience, background, language requirements, demographic group, psychographics and activity and information
requirements or ‘user goals’.

Content Prototyping Framework

The New Brand Media prototyping framework provides the distinct advantage of being able to model and test the user experience from the earliest stages of a project on a ‘real’ website. Addressing the all important content early like this
leads to better web copy, created in the context of the connected web. Being fully responsive too, there are no surprises of how user journeys or copy will work on a mobile or tablet.

User Journeys & Information Architecture

User journeys will be developed that are optimised around the established user goals. These will be extrapolated to form the primary information architecture of the site.


We pride ourselves on creative work that delivers results.

Our creative team are now armed with rich answers to the questions posed in a standard creative brief. We know who we are talking to from the user profiles and what we want to say from the content prototype.

UI & Creative

How do we want to say it? We are used to working with established brands and understand ‘tone of voice’, or our brand definition services may feed in at this stage. Either way there’s no guess work, just focussed creative.

We’ll create a range of different concepts that express your brand consistently and encourage user engagement.

Content Strategy

Yeah yeah yeah, ‘content is king’. Yet too often, it is not considered early enough in the design process for the excitement of the visual design and even the best of design and user experience can fail on its business objectives without
a plan for content today. Not Just for the first live launch but the on going social chatter. By day 2 of of a New Brand Media project we will be evaluating and perfecting the content and throughout the entire project build cycle.

Social Media

“If Content is King then Distribution is Queen and she wears the trousers!”
Jonathan Perelman, VP of BuzzFeed.

We have been helping clients find ways to maximise their distribution efforts on social platforms whilst minimising the consumption of their ‘day job’.

We develop Content and Social Media strategies to tell your brand story and with the demand for snackable content ever increasing you’ll be glad social is baked into our technology solutions.

Get social with us now.


Our ‘evaluate’ principle is an integral part of every iterative cycle of the Understand, Create, Evaluate methodology, not a final phase. We continually evaluate all UX outputs from user profiles to final code.

Site Metrics

Measurement is key to making design work harder for your organisation.
In most cases historical site analytics data will used to build the initial target user profiles but these will be refined as we learn more from the measurement
tools we implement.


Our approach facilitates agile testing throughout development. All team members take responsibility for quality assurance and our clients enjoy real-time transparency of the product readiness and issue backlog.

Social Media Tracking

It is important when planning your Social Media Campaign that you not only have clear business objectives, but a plan to measure their effectiveness. Our evaluate principle follows users through to the social media campaigns we create
for our clients. We use our social and email marketing software to track social sharing of your branded content across all channels to provide valuable customer insight.

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