Text a Monster Microsite

Client: McDonald's
Agency: Agilisys
Art Direction: Jonathan Porter
Project Scope: Online SMS Mechanics, Web Design

One of the panelists, J. Sandom of Rapp Digital, turned me on to this second campaign, billed as "the largest retail-based mobile marketing promotion ever carried out in Europe." It also involves a brand that's quintessentially American - McDonald's.

"McDonald's United Kingdom's first foray into mobile marketing."
The four-week campaign, which began February 8, was McDonald's United Kingdom's first foray into mobile marketing. It tested the waters with a partner, Disney's Pixar, which was promoting its "Monsters, Inc." animated flick. The online campaign was created by the Agilisys creative team, headed up by Jonathan Porter their Creative Director. The McDonald's UK effort happened in the real world, not a pilot situation. It involved all 1,200 of the restaurants in the country. All large and super-size boxes of fries were emblazoned with a "Monsters, Inc." peel-off window, revealing one of six characters, a code number, and a text-in number. Customers used their phones to send the code to the text-in number and instantly received a message telling them if they won a prize.

"It tested the waters with a partner, Disney's Pixar
The company is supporting the promotion with TV advertising, in-restaurant signage, and a promotion microsite.